The Post Partum Thing !!!

Frankly speaking, I came across this very term when my kid was 4 years old. A friend said that his wife was under severe depression post-giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. I was like, what's wrong with having a boy now ??? He was shocked and counter replied that it's not with having a boy, but altogether with having a baby!!! "Haven't you gone through this postpartum depression?" was his exact shocking exclamatory remark I remember. I wouldn't back off by thanking my doctor, my family, and the people around me then, who made my motherhood an unforgettable experience. So, hence proved and tested that the birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions from happiness, excitement, and adventure to fear, anxiety, and strong negative mood swings. But is it worth it?

I don't mean to pull down any strong women right now when they are already going through so many changes both physically and emotionally, but my point is that why not enjoy every second of these incredible moments. The brightest twinkle in your baby's eyes, the toothless smile, and the chunks of the baby fold, how can you not fall in love with this new love of yours? Just let go, don't cling on to this feeling, because this too shall pass. Believe me, you have much bigger things to work upon gradually. A mother now becomes a superwoman because she created life within her, she had the power and faith when she was fecund, and that level of strength and conviction should stay undeterred forever.

We as new mothers hear a lot of views, opinions, experiences from people around us which disturbs us a lot, but what's more important is to keep us reminded time and again is that be a decision-maker yourself, any decision taken for your child is neither correct nor wrong, you get to learn either way. So don't rely on directions from others to places where they have never been. Everyone is not alike. The primary escape from this gloomy mind swing is to just keep yourself engaged, speak to people, If required seek therapy, join support groups.

It's never too soon to start to be prepared for what comes ahead because we never know what adventure our life has planned but what we can do, rather should always do is to Love ourselves to such an extent that whoever witnesses

your aura and energy will shed off anything negative coming your way so act wisely for your child.

And for all the expecting mothers/new moms I would personally like to convey a message that There's no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one..! "WELCOME TO BEING A CHILD AGAIN."

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