Time and again we come across people and situations which make us regret what we have done or doing. It makes us so accustomed that we train our subconscious mind to feel bad about ourselves even more. People close to me or even mere acquaintances become sympathetic or you can say put on their best show of faking their concern for me, of what I have already done in the past, for which I am solely responsible. Maybe I would have forgotten or already crossed that bad phase, but they are like reminders, except they don't have a snooze button.

One thing which I learned is they have a lot of self-guilt and repentance which they want to unwantedly spread to people around them. Secondly, they lack self-respect and consider themselves to be a unit of standard for others to measure and weigh life. Now, to make them insignificant and to make them weigh way less in your life you have to overcome that regret and guilt first. Everyone does mistakes, some small some big but then its because of those mistakes you have learned something valuable in your life. You may be having a tough time facing it, but always keep in mind "This too shall pass !".

None should remind you of the phase or the mistake you have done in the past. What you thought was right and apt for you at that moment you did your best. Or else it will always hold you back and make you lose better opportunities ahead. And there is nothing you cant do to change, for making things better ahead in the future. Some folks out here must think so what does it mean I can do something bad now, feel guilt-free, and later I can amend it in the future? Ummm !! Not exactly what I wanted to say though. A bad deed has its repercussions, undoubtedly, but for that, you don't need others to make you realize that you are wrong. Self-realization and self-correction come into the picture then, but that is something different than what I want to convey here. The baseline being don't do something today, you know you will regret it tomorrow, think before you act. Your past is already done, the future is yet to come, but living in the present with no regrets is what matters.

Let people be people. Change yourself for a Better You in the coming future !!

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