UMMM!!! So yes, I have recently started writing a gratitude journal and it actually takes my mind off from all the distractions happening in my life. I have heard a lot of influential and wonderful transformations, expressing gratitude does.. Well it does help, atleast it brings a bit calmness and stillness in me. Not a big thing to start off actually, grab a pen and a diary, start off with one liners and then you can miraculously observe what all you already have but couldn't feel grateful of.

Gratitude turns what we already have into enough. It feels good to acknowledge the appreciation, love and care we send or receive to everyone. A simple gesture of thanks, a simple smile, a simple wave of hand can brush aside all your worries. Learn to be thankful, learn to be grateful, learn to grow above from all the mishaps and accidents and unfortunate incidents which have created a dent in your life. We aren't perfect, we can never be. Be thankful for being imperfect in your own way.

I remember when I had people sitting in front of me especially those who have majorly walked through almost all the difficult walks of life talk about how grateful and thankful they were, I feel perplexed, how could they forgive and forget all that went wrong with them? Is it because its already done? Wouldn't they want to amend things, go back into time and rewind things as per their convenience?

That's when it strikes me everytime I think of an appropriate answer.. "EVERYTHING COUNTS". Gratitude and appreciation for everything has bought them stability and a different perspective towards life.

Change is constant, nothing remains the same. So, its time to be thankful for everything that has, is, and will be happening. You never know what gratitude you might be unexpectedly receiving !!!

So, pin down your thanks and comment below.

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